marta garolera

Systemic Therapist, Expert in Family Constellations. Coordinator of the Claudio Naranjo Foundation in Girona 2015/2016. She gives Family Constellation Workshops in some centers in Catalonia and the Valencian Community. She manages groups of personal growth. She trains people in the modules of the Healing Process with a systemic perspective in some centers.


University Expert in Systemic Family Constellations at the Reina María Cristina del Escorial University (Madrid) RCU.

Coaching Tools Level 2, UIER.

NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming, UIER

Introduction Module of the Psychology of Enneatypes SAT Program by Claudio Naranjo, Fundación Claudio Naranjo.

Introduction to Psychological Astrology, Cosmograma.

She was born in Girona (1972), the second of three sisters.

She studied Advertising and Public Relations for 2 years. She worked in the family business for eight years. Then she decided to work with people and their well-being. She created a play center in a town in the Montseny mountain, and thus she could be closer to her children, Ricard and Paula, and watch them grow close to nature.

An enneatype 7, she moved towards silence, stillness and more knowledge, and started to work in the town’s public library. There an unexpected change left her out of work. By then, her two children were fully adapted and already nature lovers.

She gave herself the opportunity to imagine an ideal future: she remembered a family constellation therapy session in Madrid and wanted to learn more about the systemic perspective. She was trained in Systemic Family Constellations (2012-2015) at the Reina María Cristina de El Escorial University (Madrid).

She also continued working as a librarian.

Motivated to continue learning, she started the SAT program, with the Introduction to the Psychology of Enneatypes by Claudio Naranjo. There she met her partner.

Later she decided to focus on being a therapist.

She is currently living between Catalonia and the Valencian Community, giving therapeutic and training workshops on Constellations applied to different areas (couples, families, organizations …) in centers in Girona, Blanes, Palamós, Breda and Llagostera, and in the Valencian Community in Novelda, Aspe and Elda, and helping patients in face-to-face and online individual therapy.

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