Advice for before, during and after the workshop:

1.- Identify what the conflict you have is and what your goal would be.

For example: I have this disease and I would like to know what meaning it has in my life, and if it is possible to improve your health; or, I have a very conflictive relationship with my parent and I would like to be able to communicate with hi mor her with more affection and respect; etc.

2.- Before attending a workshop it is essential to gather information on the important facts of the family system; such as: births, deaths, unions, separations, migrations, serious illnesses, early or tragic deaths, abortions, acts of war, violence, economic collapse, etc.

3.- A workshop allows everyone involved to have insights and experiences that help them understand their own process more clearly. During the workshop you must have an open and receptive attitude, and participate actively in all the tasks and dynamics, as they address issues of bonds and affections that are universal and concern us all. Undoubtedly, it is essential to pay attention to your own personal process and realizations.

4.- All the participants will protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of the information shared by the others in the workshop. A family constellation is a therapeutic, safe space; and everyone is expected to respect the experiences of others.

5.- After participating in a Family Constellation, we recommend letting the experience rest with respect and in silence for a few days, not discussing or manipulating the experience with words, which would leads us to contemplate it rationally and dilute the profound effect of the experience.

6.- Participating in a Family Constellation workshop can generate deep, significant changes in your life. If you need individual counceling, you can contact Marta Garolera at and arrange a one-on-one therapy session to help integrate the experience.