Family Constellations

Family Constellations

constelaciones familiares

They are a type of systemic therapy that allows us a broader vision of what concerns us.

The person can realize the roots of their difficulties in an experiential way.

When a person wants to work on their problems, we do not only look at the person, but also at their family system, their background and everything they have experienced, and how all this is expressed through us, how it affects us and how it limits our life, be it on a personal, family, relational, professional, economic level, with diseases or in other ways.

In the constellation a new vision emerges, one that does not judge, that accepts things as they have happened, that respects the destiny of each member, and also their own destiny.

From this position we can stop being victims of our circumstances. It does not matter so much what someone has done to me or what has happened, but what is important is what I do with it.

It is a deep process of personal development that helps us understand our relationships and why we often act out of loyalty to the system of origin, repeating family patterns.

Family Constellations attempt to re-establish a healthy family order, and have a broader vision, find clues that can be very useful for a better relationship between parents and children, to have more strength in life, to flow better in life.

It is now when love can flow through the family system. And this means that everyone is in their rightful place, that everyone receives and gives from their place. And so you can look at life from your place.

We take into account the hierarchy. Parents take the place of parents and children the place of children. And membership: we belong to a system and each member must have a place. The excluded have to be included, because they are part of it. Having a healthy family system helps parents to have more strength in life and pass it on to their children, and then those children to their children.

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