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Systemic Therapist, Expert in Family Constellations. Coordinator of the Claudio Naranjo Foundation in Girona 2015/2016. She gives Family Constellation Workshops in some centers in Catalonia and the Valencian Community. She manages groups of personal growth. She trains people in the modules of the Healing Process with a systemic perspective in some centers.


University Expert in Systemic Family Constellations at the Reina María Cristina del Escorial University (Madrid) RCU.

Coaching Tools Level 2, UIER.

NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming, UIER.

Introduction Module of the Psychology of Enneatypes SAT Program by Claudio Naranjo, Fundación Claudio Naranjo.

Introduction to Psychological Astrology, Cosmograma.

Expert in:

They are a type of systemic therapy that allows us a broader vision of what concerns us. (Read more…)

The healing process consists of 5 monthly monographic modules of training and therapy in a personal and group healing process. (Read more…)

Creating a healthier relationship with yourself will give you more strength in life. (Read more…)

In a therapeutic group, each person integrates their own maturation process, sharing the experience with the other members of the group. (Read more…)


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