Healing process

proceso de sanación

The healing process consists of 5 monthly monographic modules of training and therapy in a personal and group healing process.

It is a deep process of personal development that helps us understand our relationships and why we often act out of loyalty to the system of origin, repeating family patterns.

In the first module we heal the relationship with MOM, the women of the system and feminine energy, from the bottom of our heart.

In the second module we heal the relationship with DAD, and we learn to set limits and to focus on life and social and work relationships.

When the group bonds are stronger, we give ourselves permission to REBIRTH, after having accepted and integrated MOM and DAD as they are.

It is then when we have the module on ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS and MONEY.

Finally we are ready for the module on the INTEGRATION of the child and adult within us, and thus complete the deep work of the healing process.

In all the workshops we work from the systemic perspective and with family constellations, the tool created by Bert Hellinger:

Family Constellations serve to re-establish a healthy family order, and have a broader look, find clues that can be very useful for a better relationship between parents and children, to have more strength in life, to flow better in life.

It is now when love can flow through the family system. And this means that everyone is in their rightful place, that everyone receives and gives from their place. And so you can look at life from your place.

We take into account the hierarchy. Parents take the place of parents and children the place of children. And membership: we belong to a system and each member must have a place. The excluded have to be included, because they are part of it. Having a healthy family system helps parents to have more strength in life and pass it on to their children, and then those children to their children.

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